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Personal Vantage Point
In terms of financial organization, I feel:
The amount of money I'm saving/ investing each year is:
The amount of liquid cash I have available is probably:
Financial instruments offering guarantees should be:
If given the option, I would choose to have:
The most important component in retirement is:
Leaving a legacy to family, friends, or organizations when I'm gone is:
Paying for all or some of my children's college tuition is something:
I view my mortgage more as:
When I file my taxes each year, I generally plan to:
During my working years, the bigger financial risk to me is:
During my retirement years, the bigger financial risk to me is:
Having enough income throughout my retirement is:
If I injured/ killed someone in a car accident and was sued for $1,000,000, my liability insurance would:
If illness or injury kept me from earning income, my disability insurance would:
The amount of life insurance I own is probably:
The type of life insurance I own is probably:
Being protected in the event I need long term care in the future is:
Overall, my insurance portfolio is:
My estate documents (Wills, Trusts, POA, Health Care Surrogate) are:
The main topics on my mind for protection and wealth building are (select all that apply):

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