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Personal Risk Profile

The purpose of a risk analysis is to assist you in determining the investment strategy that makes the most sense in your particular situation. While never an exact science, thoughtful, truthful answers to the following questions will point the way to a portfolio containing a combination of investment asset classes best suited to your risk tolerance. Of course, your risk tolerance may need reevaluation in the future to ensure that as your risk tolerance changes your portfolio reflects those changes. Your actual portfolio structure may differ from your risk tolerance based on other factors such as, but not limited to, current investment environment, other products owned and personal preference.

Please fully answer the questions below as best as possible.

What do you believe your investment risk profile is?
In terms of your experience with stocks and bonds (or stock and bond mutual funds), how do you consider yourself as an investor?
What types of changes have you made in your investment portfolio in the last five years?
Assume that you own $500,000 of financial assets. Then assume that you have the opportunity to make an investment of $20,000 of your assets into a portfolio that has the following chances of gains and losses. Which of these chances would you take?
Assume the same chances and investment ($20,000) as above, but now assume that your total financial assets are $200,000. Which of the chances would you select?
When making an investment decision where the investment might generate substantial losses as well as substantial gains,
When a personal financial decision turns out to be a disappointment,
Suppose that your portfolio of stocks or stock mutual funds suffered a 10% loss over three months while the general stock market was flat over the same period.
Below shows the range of returns for five different portfolios over a one-year period (e.g., portfolio 3 shows an average annual return of 10% with a range of returns from 24% to – 7%). Given this information, in which portfolio would you choose to invest?
Consider your financial situation (your job outlook, and your ability to pay your bills and live a satisfactory life). What degree of confidence do you have that your situation is secure?

Thank you for submitting your Personal Risk Profile

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