Which Super Hero Are You In Business?

If you’re like me, you know just enough about comic books and super heroes to have a conversation but not enough to dress up and head to Comic-Con. We know the basic powers and why they do what they do, but not the name of their dog when they were in 1st grade. Don’t worry, I’m not here to say which one is the better super hero or get into the Marvel vs DC debate. I just like the comparison of two individuals who go about things in a completely different way, with different resources to achieve the (almost) the same results.

I was with my 7 year old nephew this past week and he had on a new Batman show. As I sat and watched with him, I began to think about Batman’s strengths and if others could do what he does. I then started thinking about other super heroes and how they operate. This had me comparing all the superheroes to entrepreneurs and how we operate.

I came down to comparing 2 very well known heroes. Batman and the Punisher. And which I would identify with if their strengths and weakness were in business instead of fighting crime. There are lots of nitty gritty details that I will not be comparing so please don’t hate me if I stick to the macro. Below is my comparison.


Batman or Bruce Wayne as Gotham City would know him, is the son of a billionaire who watched his parents get murdered when he was a young boy. Batman’s biggest strength is his money. Money allows him time to train and create useful and innovative tools to help him fight criminals and put them behind bars. Batman does not kill any of his enemies and only wants justice.

Outside of money, Batman must have some natural athletic ability which he hones with constant training.


The Punisher, or Frank Castle, is a Marine Corp veteran whose wife and 2 children were killed by the mob for witnessing a murder in Central Park. The Punisher’s strength is his military background. This allows him to use both his physical and mental ability to combat his enemies. Punisher does not have much in the way of money (especially compared to Batman) but he does have resources such as safe houses and access to arsenal to help his cause. Punisher does heavy recon before he engages in any confrontation and ensures the outcome will be in his favor.

I would throw Superman in this comparison but I feel it’s not fair. That’s like comparing Elon Musk of today, after all the money and success, to Steve Jobs from 1972. It’s a level hardly any entrepreneur starts in.

The biggest similarity between these two is that they both understand and embrace their “Why”! What motivates them and what outcome they hope to achieve. How they get to the outcome is the biggest difference.

I know there are many other differences between these two but I wanted to keep it simple. Which super hero do you identify with more in your business or are you a combination? What other super hero strengths would you say convert to business? Please let me know in the comments.

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